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How to “Aldi” Healthcare by Taking Out Costs

By Thomas D. Wilson Aldi. The mere utterance of the name…
Two rolls of US Currency with rubber bands around the presidents eyes.

Cutting Costs Through Healthcare Price Transparency: Close but No Cigar

By Scott Leggett Earlier this week, the Trump administration…

The $3.5 Trillion Challenge — A Case for ASC Bundled Payments

  By Thomas D. Wilson According to Centers for Medicare…
Watercolor Image of doctor waving goodbye to patient happily driving away from surgery center called In-N-out, as a play on words to resemble the high quality standards of In-N-Out Burger and the easy process of a procedure through a bundled payment surgery center.

Things They Didn’t Teach You in Medical School: Learning from the Burger Pros

By Scott Leggett Sure, you are a doctor, better yet a surgeon.…