Surgeon Spotlights

Global 1 is proud of their quality network of surgeons that are delivering bundled payments and driving change in the healthcare community. The following are Global 1’s current surgeon spotlights.

Robert Bray Surgeon Spotlight

Robert Bray, MD

Dr. Robert Bray is the first Californian neurosurgeon to devote his practice to minimally invasive spine surgery at DISC Sports and Spine Center where he revolutionizes the delivery of spine care. Located in Newport Beach and Marina Del Ray. To contact Dr. Bray or receive more information, click here.

Don Lewis, MD

Dr. Lewis is an expert in various medical fields, including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome treatment, minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery and rotator cuff repair, Fracture Care, Sports Medicine, and hand & wrist arthritis treatment. Specializing in elbow, hand, wrist, and shoulder at Golden State Orthopedics and Spine, Dr. Lewis is dedicated to help patients return to their favorite sport. You can contact Dr. Lewis or receive more information by clicking here.

Don Lewis Surgeon Spotlight
Michael Stuntz Surgeon Spotlight

Michael Stuntz, MD

Dr. Michael Stuntz is a general surgery specialist at Monterey Peninsula Surgical Associates. He performs a range of of surgeries and operations, usually focusing on areas and organs of the abdomen and their related organs. To contact Dr. Lewis or receive more information, click here.

Louay Toma, MD

Dr. Louay Toma specializes in hip, knee, and total joint replacement with Kinomatic 3D surgery at Golden State Orthopedics and Spine locations in Walnut Creek and Oakland, CA. He has built a reputation as a highly-skilled, caring, and compassionate surgeon. To contact Dr. Toma or receive more information about his services, please click here.

Dr. Toma - surgeon spotlight
Stephan Yacoubian Surgeon Spotlight

Stephan Yacoubian, MD

Dr. Stephan Yacoubian specializes in minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery, primary joint replacement surgery, and fracture repair surgery at Orthopaedic Surgery Specialists in Burbank, California. To contact Dr. Toma or receive more information, click here.