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Spine Surgeon Talks Benefits of Affiliation with Blue Shield, Global 1

By Scott Leggett Like most doctors, Brian Perri, DO, a spine surgeon practicing in Beverly Hills, Calif., is challenged to provide the best care for his patients while helping patients and payers control the costs associated with acute surgical procedures. Dr. Perri employs three key strategies to assure his patients get the best surgical care […]

Looking Behind the Headlines, Physicians Find Good News in the Implementation of U.S. Healthcare Policy

By Tom Wilson Physicians reading the news about U.S. healthcare policy may wonder about the fate of their profession amidst the backdrop of highly-charged healthcare policy debates in Washington, D.C., and attendant media coverage often focusing on the political stories rather than the practical realities of delivering medical care to patients. Behind the headlines, behind […]

Healthcare Consumer, Meet Bundled Payments

Story Highlights • Healthcare consumerism, driven by ever-increasing healthcare costs and rising deductibles, have caused active shopping for healthcare services. • Physicians are increasingly expected to assist the patient in finding best-value services for prescribed procedures. • Patient satisfaction assessments are commonly used to reflect the perceived value people receive from their physicians. • Bundled […]

Transparent Bundled Payments Mesh With Big Tech in Race for Healthcare Value and Cost Savings

By Scott Leggett Before the exciting news of big tech companies, including Amazon and Apple, announced their entrance into the healthcare space, the creation of bundled payments was born as an alternative to the traditional fee-for-service model. The bundled payment approach consolidates fees for whole treatment regimens from start to finish, allowing an objective decision […]

Trend Alert: Outpatient Care, Bundled Payments Gain Momentum

PAYERS, PROVIDERS AND PATIENTS EMBRACE LOWER COST MEDICAL MEASURES IN 2017 By Scott Leggett and Sohrab Gollogly, MD For all its uncertainty in other areas, the past year in healthcare may well go down as a watershed in the transition to more cost-effective healthcare. Players big and small moved decisively toward ambulatory surgery centers in […]

Bundled Payments for Ambulatory Surgery Have the Potential to Foster Increased Transparency, Improved Outcomes, Lower Costs, and Increased Capacity for Health Care Systems

As featured in Health Economics & Outcome Research: Open Access By Thomas Wilson and Sohrab Gollogly Bundled payments are a new payment methodology that is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. Bundled payments are designed to combine all of the costs associated with the delivery of surgical services, including the professional fees of the surgeon, assistant(s), anesthesiologists, […]

Study: Growing Number of Employed Physicians Driving Higher Medicare Costs

By Scott Leggett Forty-nine percent increase in employed physicians translates to $2.7 billion increase in costs. “The cost per patient absolutely increases” in healthcare settings where the physician is employed by a hospital system. Independent physicians working in unaffiliated outpatient centers are more efficient. Cost increases are shifting attention to the benefits of outpatient surgery […]

Healthcare Bundled Payments Lower Costs and Improve Medical Outcomes

Written by Thomas D. Wilson The traditional fee-for-service system of healthcare in the United States is being challenged by a “bundled payment” structure, supporters say it has the potential to increase transparency, lower costs and improve medical outcomes. The idea is to set prices for treating various conditions, adjusted for factors such as age, and […]